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Business Breakthrough by Innovation

Shushane & Co' s reason for being is to help companies to do a real Business Breakthrough, by leveraging Innovation, in 2 ways:

1- By leveraging the Israeli Innovation, through a range of different services (Technological monitoring, Scooting of startups or technological partners, Support to building partnerships, Learning expeditions...)

Shushane & Co is based in Israel and is leveraging alltogether


- its extensive network at the highest level, in all fields and with all the different types of players of the Israeli Innovation ecosystem (Accelerators, VCs, Universities, R&D Centers, Governmental bodies, Institutions, Communities...)

- Its thorough knowledge and understanding of the Israeli Innovation & Entrepreneurship culture and practices, from R&D to Business Development

2- By developping internal Innovation and Intrapreneurship abilities


- Using powerful systemic coaching technics, enabling alltogether an internal change of culture, agility & reactivity, consensual & quick decisions, key knowledge acquisition and a true teams' revival.

- A solid structured methodology, based on the experience of both global companies & successful israeli intrapreneurships initiatives

We measure our success first and foremost by the level of  quantitative business breakthrough that our clients achieved thanks to us.

You want to know more? Please contact us by calling the +972 (0)528 17 46 71 or writing e-mail to

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