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Client oriented, fitting, professional, flexible, team players

In order to provide the most adapted and efficient answer to your requests, and everytime needed, Shushane & Co

- Agrees with you on the profiles needed for the mission

- Than carefully selects the best professionals corresponding to these requirements

- Makes sure that the team will be the perfect exemple of a qualitative and quantitative Business Breakthrough to maximize your benefits



Every Team member have in common to

- Care about the client first, as a VIP, willing to maximize his added value 

- Know how to listen, respecting the singularity of the clients

- Be an excellent team player

- Being very skilled, experienced and professional

- Being creative, loving to co-create

- Being open, flexible, generous and smiling


Nelly Soussan

Founder & CEO

"Pleasure is the gateway to success"

Nelly is a seasoned professional in strategic Business Breakthrough for CEOs and teams.


She has a solid experience working both for

- Various global companies, in different sectors, on international strategic missions 

- Startups in High-Tech

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