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Technological   monitoring in Israel 

Closely monitor innovations in Israel. Anticipate the impacts on your business

Israel innovation ecosystem is famous for its level of disruption, his impressive size and its dynamism.


Therefore, companies & collectivities who understood the importance to keep pace with Innovation understood the need to  

closely follow up what's going​ in the Israeli innovation scene.


But it is not possible, nor recommended to do this 100% remotely, based on what the israeli press is reporting. Indeed:

- The ecosystem and the sources of innovation are so vast, and the innovation evolves so quickly that the israeli press is usually able to cover only a very small part of it.

- Once the press speaks about an innovation, it is already too late to prevent the risk of disruption, because it likely means that a competitor already took advantage of it.

- Adding to that, many interesting innovations are developped under the radar.

- Furthemore, the press hardly helps analysing and understanding the disruption potential and business benefits of a technology, in general and particularly for your business.

- Last but not least, identifying a new technology is good, but if a company wants to take advantage of it, it is even more important to assess if the entrepreneurs' team behind it is solid and reliable, and to work with the right partners in Israel

Some global companies chose to address this challenge by opening an R&D center or an accelerator in Israel. But this solution is extremely expensive and not necessarily optimal.

That is why Shushane & Co offers you the most optimal technological watch solution, bringing the best value for money

1- Our local teams are closely daily monitoring the Innovation activity

- Of all the israeli Innovations places (R&D centers, TTOs, Meetups, Incubators, Chief Scientist Office, High-Tech events, Investors, Institutions,...)

- In the differents innovation fields, whether they are sectorial (for instance Smart City, Security, Mobility, Green...) or technological (for instance, Cyber Security, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data), depending on your needs & requests.

2- It then provides you with monthly activity reports incuding

- What's new and exciting

- General analysis of the innovation's potential benefits and impacts

- Specific analysis of the innovation's potential benefits and impacts on your company's business in particular, taking into account your strategic goals and orientations (Optional).

3- If requested, Shushane & Co can investigate more in depth a startup & its technology, and even do a complete due diligence. It then provides you with a structured complete report (Optional)

You want to know more? Please contact us by calling the +972 (0)528 17 46 71 or writing e-mail to

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