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Internal innovation Breakthrough

Quickly & structurally develop Internal Innovation & Intrapreneurship abilities

Coping with the race for Innovation, CEOs of big companies face simultaneous heavy structural challenges :

1- They need to be the first ones to launch & leverage disruptive technologies, to make more profit and take competitive advantages.

2-  In order to do so, they need to get their company more agile and reactive, to both integrate and launch new competitive products.

3- They also need to spread the Innovation spirit within the company,  overcoming the internal resistances to it. 

4- In order to do so, they need to get the 3 generations of employees (X, Y & Z) to work together, so that:

- The oldest employees' generations wil learn from the youngest employees' generations who were born with new technologies and are set up for quick and constant change.

- The youngest employees' generations will learn from the precious skills of the oldest employees' generations.

5- They also need to leverage the huge & incredible richness of internal disruptive ideas, that there is within all the departments of the companies.

6- They need to minimize the cost for identifying and leveraging disruptive innovation.

Leveraging the Israeli entreprenurship and intrapreneurship know-how, Shushane & Co has developped a unique structured powerful approach that smartly addresses all these challenges, by enabling the company to quickly and structurally develop internal Innovation & Intrapreneurship abilities.

This offer is in 3 stages:

1- The Innovation stage, that consists in efficiently organising an internal technological Hackaton, including business coaching to the employees in order them to think all the aspects of their business elevator pitch, and be able to present it to the top management, as if they were real entreprenors in front of investors.

2- The Innovation to Intrapreneurship stage, that consists in coaching key company's decisionners traditionnally involved in launching new products, together with the new intrapreneurs' teams selected during the internal Hackaton, to agree on the key success factors and rules to efficiently collaborate until the product's launch.

3- The Intrapreneurship stage, that consists in coaching the new intrapreneurs' team all along the way until the product's launch to

- Efficiently apply the Lean Startup Management principles

- Remain cohesive and focussed

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