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Business growth in an "Era of disruptive technologies permanent revolution"

In a remarquable article "Forget Innovation, Who Is Your Chief Disruption Officer?", Patrick Hanlon explains

- What is disruption

- What differenciates it from innovation

- Why technological disruption is now constantly threatening the biggest and most established company of suddenly collapsing

- Why companies should embrace the disruptor’s mindset, and adopt the practices and processes that make disruption possible

- What can prevent our mind to identify a disruption

One year before, Yonatan Adiri, serial entrepreneur, former CTO Israel and graduated from the Singularity University gave such an important conference, that it is a pity that it wasn't recorded.

Adiri explains the importance for the companies (small and big) to take into account the fact that we today live in a "Era of disruptive technologies permanent revolution". Because

- these disruptive technologies are much more numerous then before

- and become accessible to everybody much more quickly,

they lead us to live in an era of permanent revolution.

It completely changes the companies classical product development process, because they can't afford anymore to wait for their initial targeted product to be completely achieved. Indeed, by that time, many disruptive technologies are likely to have gotten their initial targeted product to be obsolete already. It therefore compels every company to work in a lean startup mode, i.e not waiting for launching an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test the market and improve it along the way.

Adding to that, the quantity and quality of the technologies that a dollar can buy is increasing exponentially. Therefore, you can't make a reasonable 3 years business plan anymore.

All this stresses the importance and emergency for the medium and big companies to

- Develop the abilities to cope with constant disruption

- Become themselves constantly disruptive

- Develop the disruption mindset accross their company and be able to manage people in that context

It is a big challenge but it is 100% achievable and much more quickly then one can think. The Innovation Breakthrough approach is a powerful tool to do so.

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