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"France-Israel Cyber Innovation Watch" launch (Wavestone and Shushane & Co)


Innovation in Cybersecurity is a particularly critical subject for every organization, much more than in any other technological field.

Companies and administrations are indeed forced to answer as quickly as possible constant evolution and increase of threats. This, in a context of propagation of digitalisation and of strong international competition for innovation, that mechanically exponentially increases the scope of attacks' possibilities, getting them always more vulnerable.

It also follows a worldwide shortage of qualified human resources and a constant increase of budgets in cybersecurity, inducing the need for powerful technological solutions, enabling to do more with less.

Adding to that, in the era of cloud computing and of challenged national sovereignty prerogatives, it becomes more and more important and tricky to ensure protection of confidential data. Thus, cybersecurity becomes the key to maintain the public trust in digitalised products and services.

When one knows the long lasting financial and public image cost of a cybersecurity failure for organisations, we can understand why the famous ones who have been badly victim of a cybersecurity damage do massively invest in cybersecurity innovation to bridge the gaps. Indeed, the ROI of it is much higher than its cost.

But cybersecurity innovation also does become a marketing and sales opportunity. "Security by design" of products and services is today a marketing positive argument, bringing a key added value/differentiator toward the competition, likely to boost sales.

Israel is famous worldwide for its dynamism in cybersecurity innovation [1], especially because of its complete and synergic ecosystem.

France is not left behind, with its skilled experts and its always more dynamic ecosystem, which development is also encouraged by the french government that made of cybersecurity a national military, economic and social priority.

It is first to answer the recurring demand of numerous cybersecurity experts [2] that Wavestone and Shushane & Co joined their forces to offer this new and unique publication : The « France-Israel Cyber Innovation Watch ».

This is a periodic publication allowing to :

- Regularly follow the last innovation trends, both in Israel and in France,

- Concretely appreciate the benefits of the various solutions, considering the challenges that organizations daily face,

- Being able to clearly differentiate these offers.

Given the fact that innovation takes birth and prosper thanks to a community of integrated and interdependent players, the goal of the « France-Israel Cyber Innovation Watch » is also to follow and emphasize the top stories of both the Israeli and french cybersecurity ecosystems, including Research and Development news, Investment news (especially fund raising and exits) and the various structuring events.

To go even further, we also aim at inspiring our readers with interviews of the most eminent cybersecurity experts, both Israeli and French.

This represents an unprecedented and important work of startups curation and information collection on the field, that will save a precious amount of time and efforts for all professionals of the sector.

The « France-Israel Cyber Innovation Watch » will be edited 3 times a year (January, May and October) in PDF and accessible upon subscription for an annual price of 2900 €.

This price will also include assistance to be put in touch with the startups and free access to the « Franco-Israeli Cyber Mornings » that Wavestone and Shushane & Co are considering to organise in the coming year.

To access the first edition of the « France-Israel Cyber Innovation Watch », click here.

To subscribe or for any other qu

estion or request/service [3], contact us directly at :

[1] Academic, military and economic (more than 450 startups)

[2] Particularly : CEO, DSI/CIO, RSSI/CISO, CFO, CDO, CRO, HR and Investors, who also helped us shaping it

[3] We also offer special packages for

- A customised watch upon your specific needs and fields of interest, together with quarterly meetings at your premises with the startups that you will select

- Assistance and support to POC (project management, ressources, infrastructure…) that you will want to do with the startups of your choice.

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