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[Webinar] Successfully go through a crisis: Developing the key human abilities

By definition, a crisis is an unseen and time critical situation, with huge strategic stakes, overwhelming psychological impacts, with no idea of when and how it could end.

No matter how much the protagonists got prepared to it operationally (possible scenarios, procedures, war rooms, etc), nor how much they may get support from experts, the psychological "tsunami effect" of the crisis often gets them powerless and, worse, often lead them to behave in a highly counterproductive way.

That is why, the key to successfully go through a crisis is the human abilities (psychological, mental and behavioral) to cope with this unexpected and heavily stressful situation.

Being successful during a crisis doesn't mean only being resilient, but most of all,

- Taking the right decisions,

- Being able to apply them with precision and efficiency

- Last but not least, being able to cease the numerous opportunities that abound in this bewildering period.

It is indeed possible to go out of a crisis in a stronger and better positions then before, even when it initially seems highly unlikely.

That is why, this training

1- Lists and explains the various emotional and other psychological typical impacts of every crisis.

2- Give tools to avoid the counter-productive effects of these psychological phenomenons and instead/conversely, leverage them to win.

3- Give other practical mental and behavioral tools, as well as best practices recommendations.

Here are some testimonies of people who attended this webinar

"This training was very clear, reach and extremely useful to understand well what happens in us during such a chaotic period.

Among others, we are given explications on our emotional mechanisms, as well as keys to manage each of these emotions that emerge in us.

It also deals in detail with this such important subject of "how to let go" and give precious advice to react and adapt at best during this unusual period.

One can feel that this training is based on a real and solid past experiences, and that the trainer perfectly master this subject. I highly recommend it!" [Julie].

"I highly recommend this training webinar. Its totally reaches its goal.

It is the result of an advanced thought, well documented with numerous supports and sources.

Time is well managed.

The trainer does a great job, allowing the good balance between theory and practice.

Thank you 1000x !" [Caroline]

"This training approach to successfully go through a crisis brought me the necessary comfort and energy to cope with unexpected and overwhelming situations.

The proposed introspection and emotions' analysis enable us to review and understand events from a different perspective and leverage it, both personally and professionally!" [Arielle]

"Thank you very much for these 2 coaching sessions during the Coronavirus crisis.They were very well structured and built.

The first is posing the problem: What is a crisis? What are our typical emotions that are moving us inside...

Know how to take a step back and welcome what happens in us, even if the emotion seems negative, such as anger or fear. These emotions play an important role and can be used as precious indicators. They also speak to us.

And then, with the second session, I liked very much the way the subject of "letting go" was dealt. Initially, it seems uneasy to implement, but the way it was explained, presented and the words that were used were very helpful!

Thank you so much for this". [Beatrice]

"I wanted to thank you for having shared that way this knowledge and past experiences. Thanks to it, I learned a lot on the way to cope with a crisis, before all, by analyzing and unraveling the main psychological steps that are linked to this stressful moment.

I particularly appreciated the second step, that was giving tools enabling us to react and empower ourselves.

Being able to "let go" is hard to do but it seems that it is indeed the key. Believe in the future and in oneself (that we can do it) will somehow lead us to overcome our fears, as well as any ordeal.

Thank you for having shared these precious tools to face a crisis, as well as particularly enriching experiences and examples." [David]

If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

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