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Consulting mission in strategy for REBALANCE® Tech Corp

Shushane & Co successfully completed a consulting mission in strategy for the mid-stage startup REBALANCE® Tech Corp.

Indeed, the REBALANCE® Tech Corp. prestigious neuroscientific team has developed an unseen smart solution (REBALANCE® Impulse) that scientifically and powerfully combines the best of applied neurosciences, to answer the painful problems of chronic stress, insomnias, and several other critical health issues [1].

Clinical studies showed that in 10 sessions of less than 30 mn each (3 sessions/week), REBALANCE® Impulse very significantly helps reducing hypertension and improving the sleep quality.

In a 100% non-invasive way, REBALANCE® Impulse activates the parasympathetic system that, in return, rebalances and strengthens the whole body and brain.

REBALANCE® Impulse is also already used by famous European Sport teams, to improve their performance. It indeed helps them to be in the flow, better manage the competition's stress and enjoy restful nights.

[1] Already available: Addiction, Weight loss, Concentration, Emotional balance, Pain management, Optimal brain flow.


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