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Shushane & Co chosen to assist an R&D partnership in a revolutionnary Israeli technology: 3D augment

Shushane & Co is excited to announce that it has been chosen to assist 3 partners (from France and Israel) in building a trendsetter R&D partnership as part of the FIRAD, around a revolutionnary Israeli technology: 3D augmented reality glasses.

These glasses include the following:

- No motion sickness

- Stereoscopic display

- Multiple control options

- Anchoring

- Geolocalisation

The potential clients are all the organisations who would benefit financially and in term of quality from increasing people efficiency, by enabling them to visualize and record things

- In full 3D

- While moving

- With hands free

- Without losing visibility on what's going on around them

- With some images, sounds and actions triggered either by what they see, or what they do and/or by a central system interface

Here are just a few exemples:

- Training and assistance in real time of maintenance operators in the repair procedures execution

- Training and assistance in real time of field security agents in incidents management

- Serious game

- Tourism: Enhance the visitor's experience and enable him to e-shop all along his visit by proposing him to add to his basket some things that he saw (for real or virtually) during his visits

- Training and assistance in real time for driving

If you're interested to explore this technology for your company, you can contact us here.

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