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Monaco-Sophia Business Hub on the 26/6 with Nelly Soussan, CEO of Shushane & Co as guest speaker

The Monaco-Sophia Business Hub is organising a special event on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The new business models".

Nelly Soussan, CEO of Shushane & Co will give a conference on "Israel, partner of excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship".

She'll explain

- Why Israel is the perfect partner to help Monaco and Sophia to locally foster innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Not only because Israel is at the very last trend in High-Tech and deserve its "Startup Nation" surname

  • But also thanks to the transmission of the specific Israeli entrepreneurs' culture and mentality, that is key to succeed

- How it will benefit both sides

- What very concrete business and institutional operations and partnerships can quickly be implemented

- What is the key for it to happen successfully

To register, click HERE and select "Smart Business Event"

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