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Bank Hapoalim first internal apps Hackaton: Shushane & Co contribution through "intrapreneu

Before the first Bank Hapoalim internal mobile applications Hackaton that occured in last October 2015 [1], Shushane & Co carried on 2 days "Intrapreneurhsip" workshops to prepare the 120 participants to develop & pitch their future application like professionnal startupers.

These workshops combined various training, coaching, team building and visualisation techniques to get the very new internal "intrapreneurs" teams (who knew barely nothing about how to handle the business aspects of their initiative) to

- Get the entrepreneurs spirit and know how

- Develop cohesion

- Be really creative

- Be really business and customers oriented

- Be able to pitch their application like professionnals in maximum 3 minutes

Some of the outputs for the teams were

- Define their one sentence elevator pitch

- Define the clients pains that the application will solve

- Design very concretely their application's main screens and functionnalities that they will develop

- Choose an initial customers' segment

- Define their business model

- Define their Key Success Factors

The workshop was considered as being very successfull. It greatly contributed to the success of the evening ceremony closing the 2 days development, during which all the teams pitched their app in front of the top Bank Hapoalim management.

The stake for these new intrapreneurs winning teams will be to

- Remain a cohesive agile team

- Be able to apply Lean Startup methods

- Get the active cooperation and support of the internal departments that their application development finalisation and launch will require.

Shushane & Co offers these "advanced intrapreneurship" training and coaching methods.

[1] For more information on the new 2016 Bank Hapoalim strategy to lead innovation, your can click here


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